About Innovations Capital Group, LLC

Our mission is to invest in our community.


Investing for long-term means investing in sustainability. 

What we do:

  • Venture development. We will work with selected entrepreneurs to qualify and provide their first professional investment
  • Investments criteria will be set by the fund and communicated to all partners. Incubators etc.
  • Fund will then provide, after investment, support necessary to qualify them for next round etc. including business planning, business development, development and training of the management team, board recruitment, mentoring and networking and subsequent introductions to next round of capital

Why Venture Capital is a Proven Growth Tool

  • Builds companies that scale
  • Successful venture capital companies grow their employment base in significant ways
  • Potent job creation impact, high quality jobs with livable wages, stock option programs and quality benefit packages
  • Raises profile of region on the Venture Capital market
  • Pipeline to additional capital
  • Human resource draw to the Region
  • Innovative job creation

Venture Capital Asset Class

  • Limited partner structure
  • Ten year life
  • Management fee to cover costs of General partner operations as a percentage of capital raised
  • Returns based on exits of underlying portfolio company investments :IPO or sale of business
  • Split of profits between limited partners and general partner 80%/20%
  • General partner actively participates in company development and governance
  • High risk. High return
  • Measured against industry benchmarks

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